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PROMOTIONS/terms and conditions: Products
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Look Great. Feel Amazing.

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T's & C's apply.

PROMOTIONS/terms and conditions: Welcome
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Dual Senses (certain products only) £8.00

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Feel good - styling

At WILD ABOUT HAIR TORQUAY, we know the right treatment can make you look—and feel—like a million dollars. We are committed to only using top-of-the-line products for added luxury.

Take time to pamper yourself at home, buy your products from our new online store today.

T's & C's apply

PROMOTIONS/terms and conditions: Welcome
PROMOTIONS/terms and conditions: Welcome
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Feel good - styling

At WILD ABOUT HAIR TORQUAY, we know the right treatment can make you look—and feel—like a million dollars. We are committed to only using top-of-the-line products for added luxury.

Take time to pamper yourself at home, buy your products from our new online store today.

T's & C's apply

PROMOTIONS/terms and conditions: Hours
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Buy your products either in store or online and receive loyalty points.  Pick up your loyalty card and your points in-store now.
T's & C's apply.



Gift cards can be bought on-line and can be any denomination to suit you.  It can also be personalised for that special someone, what a beautiful way to show someone you care!           
Buy your Gift cards either in store or online now.
T's & C's apply.

PROMOTIONS/terms and conditions: Hours
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At WILD ABOUT HAIR TORQUAY, we do our best to make sure all your needs are taken care of. If you have to cancel or change your appointment, just let us know. If you inform us less than 48 hours before your scheduled time, we have to charge an fee of 50% of the service and cannot guarantee we’ll be able to slot you in. Want to find out more? Get in touch.

PROMOTIONS/terms and conditions: Cancellations
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At WILD ABOUT HAIR TORQUAY, In order to respect the time of both our clients and our staff, we ask you to arrive on time for your appointment. Clients arriving more than 15 minutes late will forfeit the original appointment and be rescheduled and your deposit will not be refundable.

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PROMOTIONS/terms and conditions: Cancellations


We appreciate that sometimes, some things just don’t go to plan and you may want your money back.

At Wildabouthair, we don’t offer monetary refunds, as we’d love the opportunity to rectify the issue and to regain your trust.

All situations are assessed on a case by case basis. As a result, you may be offered either a complimentary re-do or, a Wildabouthair Gift Card to the same value of your original appointment, to be redeemed at a time that suits you.

 Your satisfaction is our highest priority. If you are not completely contented, please let us know during your treatment or within 24 hours after your service has been performed. 

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PROMOTIONS/terms and conditions: Accessibility Policy


For your comfort and safety, please notify our specialists if you have allergies, any physical issues or disabilities, or if you are pregnant. If you experience discomfort or any other symptoms during the treatment, please alert your service provider immediately.

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PROMOTIONS/terms and conditions: Accessibility Policy


Missing your salon appointment

In the case of missing your appointment, you will be imposed with a fee worth 50% of the missed service. Two or more missed appointments equal being fired from the salon.

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PROMOTIONS/terms and conditions: Accessibility Policy


Our salon staff has the right to refuse service to anyone behaving improperly, intoxicated or if their state of health may influence the effects of the service.

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PROMOTIONS/terms and conditions: Accessibility Policy
PROMOTIONS/terms and conditions: Accessibility Policy


 As we are concerned with your and your children's safety, we strictly prohibit unsupervised children in the salon. In emergency situations, please provide proper supervision for them in the form of an additional caretaker.

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Terms and conditions

Before you book:

By making or placing any booking at Wildabouthair you agree fully to the following Terms & Conditions set out in our cancellation policy.

Late cancellations really harm our business! Diary space is extremely valuable and we ask that you please notify us to cancel your appointment at least 48 hours prior to your service to avoid a 50% cancellation fee. All cancellations must be made by TELEPHONE ON 07792516273 during our salon opening hours.

You must provide your full details ( Name, Address, DOB & Contact telephone number ) at time of booking which is standard practice across a variety of salons and professions. This allows us to identify an individual, keep accurate tax records & prevent acts of fraud. This is our salon policy and is further a requirement of our insurers to keep detailed and accurate records. If you fail to or refuse to provide the details requested we are NOT the salon for you and we will not provide any services. If you experience any difficulty please call one of the team during salon opening hours where they will be happy to assist you.

A minimum 50% booking fee is required at time of placing ALL bookings to secure the appointment time in our diary. For longer services a larger booking fee may be required to secure your booking time.

All bookings made are an arrival time only and NOT a guaranteed start time. Whilst we endeavor to stick to the time scales allocated everyone is an individual and some services may take longer than anticipated or after consultation a different service is required by prior clients. As we want all our clients to be happy, we do try our very hardest. Please be patient so that we may give you the same degree of attention as we give all our clients.

We will not tolerate verbal or physical abuse towards any of our team or other customers and will inform the police of any such occurrences.

Colouring services require a skin test now know as an Allergy Alert Test (AAT) 48 hours in advance of any colouring service and once a skin test has been done it is valid for 90 days only. We electronically register all skin tests carried out. At 90 days a New skin test is required. If you have booked and attend a colour appointment without having the necessary skin test, we will be happy to carry out any conditioning treatments, cutting and styling services but we will NOT carry out any colouring service without a skin test under any circumstances. You will still be charged as set out in the cancellation policy for the diary time booked.

Please note the new guidance for AAT is that it must be carried out with the colour that will be used. Should you require a colour change a new AAT must be carried out for the new colour. Existing skin tests will not be valid.

If you are changing your hair colour it is not always as simple as putting another colour on to your hair. We recommend both a consultation and a test piece carried out several days in advance of any booked appointment. This way we can correctly book your service, perform the necessary AAT and ensure less chance of running late for future clients also booked in on the appointment day.

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Terms and conditions

Before you book

We operate a strict 48 hours notice of Cancellation for all bookings as of 1st March 2021. The following charges will apply for ANY reason to cancel the booked appointment:

  • Cancellations within 48 hours of appointment must be made by TELEHONE during salon opening hours as soon as possible on 07792516273

  • Notification outside of 48 hours of appointment No Charge and your 50% booking fee will be added to your client account.

  • Notification within 48 hours of appointment for ANY REASON 50% charge or failure to attend your booked appointment or notify the salon  (This will be taken from your 50% booking fee paid at time of booking).

A larger deposit is required for group bookings and larger services requiring several hours of an individual Team members time.

All booking fee’s are non-refundable. Booking fee’s paid may be transferred on to your client account for future use if outside of the 48 hours cancellation period as set out above. In exceptional circumstances where a refund is credited back to your payment card a £10.00 administration fee will be charged for this service.

We thank you for your patience, understanding and


By placing any booking online, by telephone or in person you agree to the full terms and conditions as set out in our Before you book and our Cancellation policy.

The Managers decision is final in all matters.

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25TH APRIL 2021

For ALL hair colouring you must have a Skin test at least 48 hours prior to

any colouring/tinting service.

Be aware that even if an Allergy Alert Test (AAT) has been carried out you may

still experience an allergic reaction.

Following the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic and the vaccinations there has been a marked increase in the number of people reacting to hair colouring services across the UK. We have always skin tested our clients and will continue to do so. However please note that the guidelines for skin testing have changed as a result of this. You must read all of the below before booking future colours.

Hair colouring products contain many ingredients that can irritate the skin and cause allergic reactions. Most cases of allergic reactions stemming from exposure to hair colours are caused by an ingredient called Paraphenylenediamine (PPD).

PPD is a chemical that is also found in temporary tattoo ink and printer ink. In hair colouring once the hair colour is mixed with the developer this is when it is likely to cause allergic reaction in people who are sensitive to it.

There is a difference between sensitivity and an allergic reaction to PPD or other ingredients contained within the hair colour:


  • A sensitivity may cause contact dermatitis symptoms such as burning & stinging or red dry skin


  • If you are allergic to hair colour, your symptoms can range from mild to serious. Symptoms may occur immediately or take up to 48 hours to manifest. Hair colour allergy symptoms include:

  • Stinging or burning sensation on the scalp, face or neck

  • Blisters or welts

  • Itching or swelling of the scalp and face

  • Swollen Eyelids, lips, hands or feet

  • An angry red rash anywhere on the body

Occasionally, a hair colouring allergy will cause anaphylaxis to occur. This is a very rare reaction but is a medical emergency and can be fatal. Symptoms of anaphylaxis may include:

  • Skin reactions such as stinging, burning, swelling & rashes

  •  Swelling of the throat & tongue

  • Trouble breathing

  • Fainting

  • Nausea

  • Vomiting

Should you experience any of these symptoms following an AAT or a hair colouring service you must call 999 or get to A & E immediately.

The earlier it is treated the better.


If you have not visited our salon before, or your skin test is out of date, or you are changing your colour shade you must book for a consultation first.

This is where your Stylist or Therapist may discuss your requirements and select the correct colour brand and colour shades to be used on the day of your service.

Whilst we understand this is an inconvenience it is completely out of our control and we as a salon value your safety over anything else at all times.

This must be done at least 48 hours in advance of any colouring service.

On the day of your Consultation

  • This test is to be carried out 48hrs before the colour appointment.  We ask you to visit the salon for a 5 minute appointment to have a pea-size amount of colour product placed on the inside crook of your elbow with a plaster over the top and we do another one behind the ear.  (we have anti-allergy plasters available for those who are allergic to plasters). You can leave the salon after the test has been done.  The product needs to be left on for 45 mins, then it can be washed off.  Should you receive no reaction to the test, we can proceed with your hair colouring service.  Should you receive a reaction in the form of redness, itching, swelling we CANNOT proceed and please wash off the product straight away.  Please be sure to let us know your result. 

  • This test represents an important precaution. However, be aware that even if an Allergy Alert Test (AAT) has been carried out you may still experience an allergic reaction.

  • The Allergy Alert Test is not a guarantee of avoiding future allergic reactions. We therefore re-test after the following:

  • 90 days have elapsed

  • You are changing the shade & tone of your previous colour

  • You have had a recent vaccination between colouring services

  • You have had a new tattoo (including further work on an existing tattoo, a henna tattoo, Semi-Permanent Make-up or a change in medications

We cannot carry out a skin test for a clear 14 days following a covid-19 vaccination.

 You MUST NOT ignore any of the important guidance given for your own safety.


Why should I have  the Allergy Alert Test (AAT) as I am a  regular client or a new client who has been having a regular colour appointments for years?

Allergies may develop over time so performing an AAT at least every 90 days and keeping a full history of previous colour applications will help to identify if you are developing an allergy. If you are a new client ( or a regular client changing their hair colour) we have to perform an AAT with the exact colour mix that will be used during your service. There are many colour brands out there! Safety first.

When do I need to have  the Allergy Alert Test (AAT) performed?

You MUST have the AAT performed if you are a new client to our salon, a client who is changing their colour service/shade or if you the client has reported any adverse reactions between salon visits or in the past.

Otherwise, for regular returning clients who have the same colour service and shade you only need to perform the AAT every 90 days with the exceptions outlined above such as a covid-19 vaccination etc.

What colour/shade will be used to perform the Allergy Alert Test (AAT)?

Following a consultation we will always use the product brand/shade that we intend to use on your hair on the day of your colouring appointment.

What If I change my mind about the shade I would like on the day of the colour appointment?

We must perform another AAT with that shade and reschedule to the first available appointment after 48 hours has elapsed.

 Please keep in mind that the cancellation charges would apply and we strongly recommend that you are 100% sure of which colour you would like to avoid these charges.

What If I receive a bleach/lightening service, do I need to perform an Allergy Alert Test (AAT)?

No, an AAT is not required for bleaching, however, should you wish to use a toner or another shade after the bleaching/lightening service an AAT must be performed.

Why do I have to perform the Allergy Alert Test (AAT) 48 hours prior to my appointment?

A reaction can take up to 48 hours to develop, therefore, by performing the test 48 hours prior to the appointment, this should allow sufficient time for any reaction to be identified.

Will you need to cleanse the skin test area with surgical spirit etc before I have the test?

No this is not recommended.

Can I carry on colouring my hair if I am pregnant or breast feeding?

Scientifically, there is no reason why you should not be able to colour your hair during pregnancy. The safety of hair colourant use during pregnancy is taken into account at the product development stage.

However, you must remember that during pregnancy and breast feeding the body may react more sensitively to external influences. In this instance, we would strongly advise that the Allergy Alert Test (AAT) be performed before EACH TIME you colour your hair. Please seek medical advice if you have any concerns.

What happens if I experience discomfort during the colouring process?

If you experience discomfort such as stinging or burning or develop a rash during the colouring process, we must rinse your hair immediately and ask you to seek medical advice straight away.

 If you have a rapidly spreading skin rash, dizziness or faintness, shortness of breath and/or swelling of the eyes or face during the colouring process, again we must rinse your hair immediately and call 999 immediately.

 We cannot attempt to colour your hair again and will contact the technical advisory helpline for further guidance.

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