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6 Steps on how to arrive at the salon for your curly hair cut

How to prepare for a curly haircut

At your initial consultation with your stylist it is important to follow the steps below. Arriving at your appointment with your curls in their natural state is the best way to allow your stylist to assess your curls. The stylist can then see how much spring is in your curls and how your hair falls…… Allowing the stylist to make an informed decision on the best cut and length for your cut.

At your initial consultation, your stylist will carry out an in-depth discussion to understand your current curl routine and whether this is working for you. They will look at how to change your routine or products if required and obtain gorgeous curls!

“Ensure your hair is tangle free!”

As a salon we suggest arriving with freshly washed hair and no products, so that your stylist can see the curl pattern, but also, so that your hair is tangle free. The stylist will perform a dry cut, tangled curls would make the process very difficult.

“Ensure your hair is thoroughly dry!”

Because your stylist will be cutting your hair dry, arriving with your curls thoroughly dry will again allow the stylist to see your curl pattern better, and enable them to start cutting without having to diffuse the hair first.

“Do not arrive with your curls tied up in a ponytail etc.”

Your curls need to be in their natural state, so do not arrive with your gorgeous curls in a ponytail, bun, twist or any style that pulls or changes the natural curl pattern of your hair. Again, this is so that your stylist can understand your curl pattern, ensuring better results for you.

“Refrain from using a brush or comb once your hair is dry and in its natural state.”

Your stylist will perform a curl by curl, dry cut and they will cut each curl clump individually, therefore, brushing your hair will break up these curls and your stylist will not be able to see the curl formation properly.

“Refrain from using any styling products that are excessively sticky, greasy, or oily.”

Your stylist will be cutting your hair whilst it is dry, so styling products can cause the hair to tangle and weigh down the curls. It is best to leave your hair in its natural state ready for the cut.

“Open your mind to love your hair in its natural glory!”

Be ready…. as this experience will be different to cuts that you have had previously. Your stylist will be cutting your hair to maximize your curls! Sit back and enjoy The Curly Experience!

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