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What are the 5 benefits of the curly method?

1.The main benefit of the curly method is that you cut out the harmful products that make your hair dry and damaged. By using curly girl friendly products you will help prevent moisture loss resulting in amazing curl definition.

2.The curly method encourages you to wash your hair less often and also to use a co-wash in between to allow the hair's natural oils to naturally work their way down the hair shaft. These oils will keep your hair moisturised and will help in reducing the frizz!

3. You can expect results almost immediately after starting this routine. You will notice that the hair becomes more moisturised, less frizzy and more voluminous. This normally takes approximately 6 weeks.

4. Through the curly method, your hair will become more moisturised to its optimum level which will make your curls more defined and this will give the illusion that your hair is curlier! Showing beautifully formed, and amazing curl definition.

5. A curly cut is an innovative way of cutting curly hair, whilst the hair is dry. This is so that the stylist is able to cut the curl in its natural state and allows for the spring of the curl. This ensures the hair is cut to the desired length all over the head, as the curl formation is not the same and can lead to more hair being cut off in some areas where the curl formation is looser, resulting in an uneven and often short hair cut.

Photograph by Vincenzo-giove.

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