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Supporting stress awareness month and top tips for your well being!

April is the stress awareness month, are you aware of your stress levels? In this modern world we are often unable to take the time out that we need to recover our mental health. Life has become so busy because of pressures at work, family commitments and of course technology. Technology can be useful but is also extremely harmful to us, we need to learn to switch technology off. We need to take time to do things for ourselves.

Are you aware of the signs that tell us that we are stressed? Do you know when to switch off? Have you learnt how to say NO!

Signs of stress can be:

  • Losing your temper over small issues, which you wouldn’t normally react to.

  • Not being able to sleep at night

  • Feeling of being overwhelmed

  • Anxiety

  • Inability to make decisions

You need to STOP AND TAKE CARE! If any of these issues have arisen.

Tips on how to reduce your stress levels

  1. Eat well, this ensures your body is getting all the nutrients it needs.

  2. Get a good night's sleep, it is recommended that you have 7 - 9 hrs sleep a night

  3. Learn to say NO!

  4. Turn off your technology as often as you are able to.

  5. Take a break.

  6. Exercise, even walking for 20 mins or 30 mins a day is enough to help your well being.

  7. Talk to someone.

  8. Relax, book a hair appointment to give you some valuable time out for you, but your stylist can also be a good person to talk to.

  9. Find time for hobbies.

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